How Long Do Tires Last

The condition of your car tires can have a huge impact on your comfort, safety and fuel economy. There are a number of factors that can affect on how long do tires last.  Factors such as type of tire, your driving conditions and maintenance of your car and tires.

How Long Do Tires Last

how long do tires lastTires are manufactured by bonding rubber, fabric and steel cords and despite anti-aging ingredients in the rubber compounds they are perishable. Good news is that tire manufacture has improved! Tires made in the 1970’s may have only lasted 20,000 miles over a 2 year period of use and in the 1980’s this had increased to approximately 40,000 miles. Continual improvements in technology, materials and manufacturing processes now mean that with careful management new tires could last 60,000 to 80,000 miles. A different issue is the lifespan of a tire that is not used or used lightly, as they have an average lifespan of only 10 years. So, even if you don’t drive the 60,000 miles in 10 years you may still need to replace the tires anyway due to natural degradation of the tire. An unused car tire can be stored for up to 10 years if kept in a climate controlled warehouse but will likely only last 5 to 6 year if on your car and even less if you don’t store your car in a garage.

tire types
types of tires
Types of Tires
Performance summer tires are not designed to last as long as standard tires. They are made from a softer rubber and offer better grip on dry surfaces but do wear out more quickly (may only last 20,000 miles). All season or touring tires are made from a harder rubber that does not heat up as quickly or break down as easily as performance tires. The quality of the tire and its tread wear rating will also have an impact on how long the tire lasts. You do not necessarily have to buy the most expensive tires to get the best life. Mid-range priced tires can last as long as higher priced tires especially with good care and attention to maintenance issues. Do not expect a long life from the cheapest tires on the market!

Tire Rotation
Rotating tires from front to back or back to front can increase the length of usable life for each tire. Front tires are exposed to more wear on front wheel drive vehicles due to carrying most of the vehicles weight, particularly when breaking and cornering. Front tires wear out faster than rear tires, so usually when needing to replace the front tires a car service center will most likely switch your rear tires to the front and place the new tires on the rear.

Driving Style
If you break heavily a lot, speed from a stop or skid frequently then you will wear your tires out quicker than someone who drives sensibly, maintaining reasonable speeds and breaking slowly. Speeding off from stopped and causing the wheels to spin too fast and squeal or screech will wear those tires out more quickly than increasing speed gradually. An aggressive driver will wear tires out more quickly than a more conservative driver.

Tire Pressure
Driving on under inflated tires for an extended period of time will reduce the effective lifespan of those tires as this will cause wear to the internal structure of the tire. Likewise driving on over-inflated tires is also bad for the tires and may even increase the risk of a blowout. Check with the tire manufacturer and car manual for advice on correct tire pressure taking into account load as well. Regularly carrying heavy loads in your vehicle with under-inflated tires will cause unnecessary wear to the tires. Tires on average lose approximately 1 psi per month so regular monthly checks are recommended. Remember though that temperature affects psi readings. Tires lose 1 psi for every 10 degree drop in ambient temperature and gain 1 psi for every 10 degree rise. Warm tires that have been driven on will also have a higher psi reading than tires on a car that has been parked a while.

Driving Surface
Driving regularly on gravel or dirt roads will wear your tires out more quickly than if you stay on smooth surfaced roads. If you regularly drive off-road then you will likely need to replace your tires more frequently unless of course you have specialist 4WD tires.


Tire Alignment and Balancing
When new tires are fitted they should be aligned so that tread wear is even across the surface of the tire. Alignment can be affected by driving over bumps, potholes or up a curb for example, or following a collision. If you notice the car pulling to the left or right then it is worth getting a wheel alignment done before uneven wear occurs to the tires forcing you to replace them before they have reached their mileage or age limit for use. Other signs of misaligned tires are steering wheel vibration or the steering wheel is off-center even though you are driving straight. You may not notice you have an alignment problem until your tires are checked through routine maintenance and found to be worn unevenly. Having your tires aligned and balanced every 5,000 to 6,000 miles can extend the life of your tires.

Environmental Conditions
Tires on a car never stored in a garage will be exposed to more sunlight and weather conditions such as high and low temperature extremes, snow, rain and wind etc. than tires on a car kept undercover or in a garage. These weather or environmental conditions will cause more wear on a tire than if it is protected from these elements. Driving on gritted or salted roads in winter will also increase the wear on your tires.

Your initiative can affect on how long do tires last. With regular care and maintenance, and sensible driving on smooth surfaces you will get many more miles or years out of your car tires than if you neglect to protect your car from the weather or drive on gravel or dirt roads. Check your tires monthly for signs of wear such as tread depth, uneven wear and even cracks which may be caused by under-inflation or sun exposure. Check tires for uneven wear and regularly get the wheels aligned.

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How to Remove Car Mildew Smell

how to get mildew smell out of carOnce that dreaded mildew smell starts coming from your car, it can be very hard to get rid of. You can spray the air freshener all you like but after a few minutes when the fragrance diffuses out, the smell would return. However not to worry, here we will show you come proven methods about how to get mildew smell out of car.

Find the source

The mildew smell can originate from several sources in your car. Therefore, it goes without saying that for effective treatment you need to identify the source of the problem. Here are some likely places that could be causing that funky mildew smell:

  • Mats: Check for any dampness in the floor mats of your car. They are the ones that get most into contact with exterior materials. So, there is a strong chance that mildew might be growing there.
  • Upholstery: A seat’s upholstery is a frequent site for spills so if you had been a bit lazy in cleaning a mess, the situation would be ripe for mildew growth. So, feel for any out-of-place damp spots on the upholstery.
  • A/C System: The evaporator of the A/C system, specifically if you live in humid conditions, is a stellar breeding ground for that mildew stench. The moisture there, along with various stuff that comes in and lodges itself there from the air intake, combine to give ideal conditions for mildew growth. Therefore, if you can’t locate the source anywhere inside the car, then the most likely culprit is your air conditioning unit.

Dealing with it

Here is how to get mildew smell out of car after you have found its place of origin:

How to Get Mold Out of the Carpet

How to Get Mold Out of the CarpetAnhydrous Calcium Chloride is a very good desiccator. It can easily double its weight in water as it absorbs moisture and is very easy to clean. Just put it in a perforated dish and place it at or near the wet region of the mat.

Alternatively, you can use baking soda in place of Calcium Chloride but it is a tad less effective. You can also just leave the car open in the sun and let the warmth of the sunlight get mold out of the carpet.

If you like a more hands-on approach, you can obtain the same results with a car vacuum cleaner or any other wet/dry vacuum. You don’t necessarily have to buy it, although it is good to have one handy, as it can easily be rented out at a DIY store.

You can also shampoo and clean the mats and then let them dry completely before putting them back in the car. However, if you want to clean your upholstery then it is better to go down to the nearest car service center.


Mold in Air Vents

How to Remove Car Mildew SmellGetting the mildew smell out of your car’s air conditioning unit is a little more complex. You need to get a bottle of air conditioner odor remover. After cleaning the air intake filter under your windscreen (if it is easily accessible), you proceed to spray the odor remover in all the air vents inside the car, placing special emphasis on the recirculation vent. After that you turn the air conditioner on and run the blower at full speed while keeping the car closed. The odor remover will work to kill the source of the mildew smell via successive recirculation passes, leaving the car smelling clean.

Alternatively, you can also use a solution of vinegar/water or an enzyme-based spray to do the job. Simple car air fresheners would also work but they are comparatively less effective.

Hopefully, these methods will resolve any of your queries pertaining to how to get mildew smell out of car.

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Best Car Wash Soap Buyers Guide

best car wash soapYour car is an investment and with proper care will last for years. One area you should pay particular attention to is keeping your car clean. It is important to use the best car wash soap for your car; to clean and shine whilst not damaging the finish. Cleaning your car regularly will keep the paintwork and windows free of dirt, bugs and grime. Clean windows are particularly important for clear vision and safe driving.

Important! Do NOT use regular household dishwashing liquid or soap to clean your car as the ingredients can damage the exterior; by stripping off any protective outer coat and paint. Dishwash liquid can also lead to premature aging of vinyl, plastic or rubber in any trims.

Top tips for choosing the best car wash soap

1. Natural ingredients/biodegradable
2. Colourfast
3. Foam
4. Wax protection/shine
5. pH balanced
6. Dilution
7. Scent

Natural Ingredients/biodegradable: as you will likely be washing your car and allowing the waste water to enter the natural environment it is important to consider your impact. Choosing a car wash soap that is natural and biodegradable will have much less of an impact than one packed full of chemical and additives. Chemicals pollute waterways and harm wildlife.

Colourfast: some car wash soaps can be abrasive or cause the colour to fade over time. Look for one that instead claims to be gentle but effective at cleaning. Read customer reviews to see if there any reports of colour fade with extended use.

Foam: the ability to foam well (create good suds!) will assist with lifting dirt, road grime, bird droppings and bug particles off your car and keep them in the foam. A good foam will help prevent scratches to the paint. Also look for car wash soaps that can be used in foam guns. Foam guns are great for covering your whole car in foam quickly reducing the risk of water spots as you can clean larger areas and rinse before they develop.

Wax protection: some car wash soaps can damage your cars top layer of protection (a wax finish). Look for a brand that offers a gentle, non-abrasive clean. Often soaps will be a combination wash and wax; washing your car with ingredients that leave a wax layer which can be buffed up for a great shine!

pH balanced: choose wisely as a soap that is too acidic or too alkaline can cause either acid damage or leave a residue that is hard to remove.

Dilution: check the volume of the container you are buying and the number of capfuls per wash to get an idea of how long that soap will last. Also claims of lasting months may well be based on weekly washing and if you wash more frequently the volume will not last you as long.

Scent: Your cars exterior will not retain any scent. Scent is purely for user preference at the time of washing. You will likely be able to choose from lemon and raspberry, and every scent in-between! For the sake of the environment choose natural over artificial scents. Bonus: natural fruit additives will also have cleansing properties.

The best car wash soap is one that cleans your car effectively; lifting off dirt and grime without damaging the paintwork and leaves it with a glossy shine. It’s a bonus if it smells good too!

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Best Wax for Black Cars Guide

best wax for black carsYour car wont be the same shinny black as the first time you saw it at the showroom if you neglect it. After few months of driving when it has been covered by dirt, splashed with mud, or even pooped by birds, your car starts to loose its appeal. To keep maintain it, we need thorough washing and the best wax for black cars available in the market.

There are tree kinds of car wax, the spray, wax and liquid. Each has their own advantages like paste wax is easy to apply while liquid wax cleans the most and spay wax proven to hard to use for its uneven application and buff out.

What is the best wax for black cars?

The debate of who make the best wax for black cars has been going on for quite some time now.
Not so long ago, the only product available on the market is the famous Turtle Wax. Current customer reviews shows that Black Magic car wax is the best in overall product. But if you attend some car shows, Black car enthusiast refers is still Turtle Wax.

Wax protects your car’s paint

Aside from washing, paint cleaning process is very essential at-least few times on your car’s life span. The way we park has impact on it, obviously the car parked in the garage has a better paint lifespan. Car parked outside if more exposed to element will need cleaning every six months depends on your area.

Washing your car only removes a layer of dirt sits at the top of wax you applied. Dust and rust particle can penetrate your clear coat over time.

We start on washing your car using your favorite wash soap. Then make sure you are not on direct contact with sunlight because excess heat may cause soaps and wax may dry up rapidly and become ineffective. Make sure to polish the wax for best results.

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Best Car Vacuum Cleaner Buyers Guide

Best Car Vacuum CleanerLife allows dirt and debris to accumulate in your car. Dirt, leaves, sand, pet hair, food waste and other debris can all contribute to the need to vacuum your car regularly. You need to be confident you are choosing the best car vacuum cleaner to deal with this mess. You want a car vacuum that can handle a high level of dirt and debris quickly and efficiently without too much inconvenience. Portable and lightweight with no compromise on suction would be an ideal car vacuum cleaner.
You can use a regular domestic vacuum cleaner to clean your car. However, it probably has a cord which will require an extension lead from your house; if you don’t have power sockets in your garage. Some portable hand-held vacuums are marketed as car vacuums but they may only have a 20 minute battery life. Battery power may be long enough for quick clean ups around the home or in the car but not for giving your car a full clean. The best car vacuum would be small in size, compact enough to fit into small spaces in the car or have hose/wand with attachments or tools. Not so small though that the dust canister needs emptying every 5 minutes! Lightweight works best for a car vacuum; as you may be holding the whole unit for a while (approx 9lbs or 4kg is ideal). For a corded option consider the portability of a 12v powered car vacuum that you can keep in the car and clean up as needed. Just check the cord will be long enough to clean the whole car and not just the front unless of course you have multiple 12v outlets e.g. in the trunk.

A car vacuum with a HEPA filter will best deal with any allergens that will find their way in to your car e.g. pollen and pet dander. It is important to find out whether the filter requires replacing regularly; which can work out expensive, or whether the filter can be maintained with regular washing. Most, but not all car vacuum cleaners are bagless requiring a canister or dust cup to be emptied. Check the volume and estimate how long it will last before you have to empty it.

The best way to find out if a car vacuum cleaner lives up to the manufacturers claims of never losing suction (as cyclonic bagless ones do) is to read as many reviews as you can. Check for common issues with suction and ability to pick up dirt, pet hair and small stones as these can be useful facts to know. Corded vacuums generally have more power than battery ones.

Tools are handy to look out for best car vacuum cleaner; a crevice tool for reaching in to side pockets and compartments, a soft dusting brush for instrument panels, dials, air vents. If pets ride in your car then a pet hair removal or upholstery tool will come in really useful; unless of course you have leather or vinyl seats!

Do your research, read customer reviews and write a list of features your new car vacuum must have. Good luck finding the best car vacuum cleaner on the market within your budget.

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Best Car Air Freshener Buyers Guide

It is awesome to smell something refreshing and clean as we enter into vehicles with best car air freshener that gives scent and take away unwanted odors. The growing population of the car manufacturers have paved way for the industry of car air fresheners to enhance and develop different fragrances that could please the buyer and make it on their bucket list. Bath and Body is nowadays on top of air freshening line and fragrance experts. Their line of car air fresheners offers captivating designs and variety of fragrance. Many and interested consumers were looking for best car air freshener that could benefit them in return. Bath and Body has a lot of options to offer and probably learn about the product. Furthermore, for a better and wider understanding which scents are famous consumers can select the excellent scent for their car.

Hanging Cardboard

best car air freshener

The most ordinary type car air freshener, they are soak in various oil scents. A fragrant smell is unleashed when you lay open the hanging cardboard to the air. Make tiny openings to optimize the life span.

Aerosol Cans

If you want a fastest way to restore pleasant scent in your car, take aerosol cans. It only takes one spray to eliminate unpleasant odors, re-spray repeatedly for the scent to stay longer.

Vent Sticks

These very useful air freshener are clipped on the air vents of your car. When the air blows from the vents it allows you to smell the scent of your vent sticks. The fragrance last longer and it is value efficient than hanging cardboard and aerosol cans.
Can Style air freshener
They are simply described as air fresheners in a small can with air holes. The lid of the can is replaceable. It is very functional and can be used elsewhere most particularly in the cars and etc…

Oil Wick

For long lasting fragrance experience oil wicks is recommended especially for RV’s and larger vehicles. Just place the wick and fill with fragrance oil inside the bottle and remove when already done. It’s like vent sticks, clip it into the air vents of your vehicle.

Auto Plug-in

The released energy that emits fragrant smell that freshens up the entire interior of your car comes from its power outlets. It cannot place elsewhere except on the power outlet.

Picking Best Car Air Freshener Scent

Things that give off unpleasant or stinky smell are air pollution, cigarette smoke, foods and other various odors. These unpleasant smells can be neutralized by simply choosing the best car air freshener. Air fresheners are designed to liberate you from that smell. Be mindful when choosing air freshener scent, pick or choose one that could satisfy your desire.
Every individual has its own pick of scent and on the other hand it’s contrary to other individual. Some people finds citrus scent more refreshing than other scents as well as lemon and orange scents. Lavender and chamomile scents are best choice that gives you the relaxing, comforting and calming feeling. Bath and Body Works well known best car air freshener scents are highlight vanilla, lemon, mint, mahogany and watermelon notes.

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